P.T. PATANA KOLAKARN CO., LTD. | Audit Assistant mechanical quality
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Audit Assistant mechanical quality

Responsibilities :

• Control of employee performance goals.
• Planning production plans produced each day.
• Make a control output percentage in each day (% YIELD).
• Plan and define the consumption of materials and equipment to the highest efficiency.
• Quality control of the product according to the company’s defined standards.
• Follow up and keep track of product in each day to plan in each day.
• Problem analysis – Reports Products to the requirement.
• Work on KPI goals.
• Control ISO document of department

Qualifications :

• Male or female
• Ages 30+
• Graduated with Bachelor’s degree, Vocational Certificate or High Vocational Certificate in mechanical.
• Experience in QC and Quality ISO.
• Can use computers as well.
• Can read and write mechanical work.

Contact : Miss Duangrudee
Tel : 02-706-3513
Fax : 02-706-5322
Website : www.ptpatana.com
E-Mail : napadapt@gmail.com