P.T. PATANA KOLAKARN CO., LTD. | Safety Officer
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Safety Officer

Responsibilities :

• Monitoring the continuity of safety routine according to safety laws and regulations as well as general working conditions.
• Observing, providing guidelines of safety regulations, includes modeling company safety and working condition framework.
• Calculating risk and lay in safety provisions for specific areas.
• Analysing risk for general working conditions.
• Supervising and training staff to eliminate the possibilities of uncertain incidences in the workplace.
• Performing other safety act as designated specifically from superior authority.
• Operating general safety exploits.

Qualifications :

• Age 25 years old or above
• B.Sc. in Occupational Safety and health or relevant with Safety officer in professional level certification.
• Minimum of 1 years experience in this field.
• Must completed safety programme of study.
• Good people skills with hard working positive mindset.
• Computer eligible for Microsoft Office.

Concact :
  Miss Napada MuangRaya (Khun Nok), Mr. Sayan TuadSuwan (Khun Kuk)
Tel : 02-706-3513-5
Fax : 02-706-5322
Website : www.ptpatana.com
E-Mail : napadapt@gmail.com